“After discovering that I had Legionnaire’s Disease which I contracted from the Best Western Sovereign Hotel in Albany, which has a history of problems with this disease, I contacted Michael Conway who I knew from newspaper stories was representing several other clients with the same problem. Michael was kind enough to visit me at my home while I was still recovering from the Legionnaire’s so I wouldn’t have to make the trip down to his office. I had originally contacted another lawyer whom I knew personally but decided to go with Michael because he was already deeply involved with other Best Western Legionnaire’s cases. I always found Michael responsive and he dutifully kept me apprised of the status of my case by sending me all paperwork and staying in touch by phone. He answered all my questions in an easy to understand way. My case was settled by mediation, and thanks to Michael’s and his team’s efforts, I was remunerated nearly $36,000 in damages from the Best Western. I appreciate all of Michael’s hard work and expertise and would heartily recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent personal injury attorney.”

— Robert, a former client

“On the two separate occasions I retained Michael Conway’s services, he was very professional. Michael knew what he was talking about and guided me through every process. I never had to wait for phone calls as he followed through on every level of communication. I have recommended Michael to others and will so again. I trust him to always make the best choices on my behalf. I retained Michael as an employee on a labor law issue, on my behalf and five years ago he represented me on a medical malpractice suit, I was the patient.”

— Elizabeth, a former client

“A family member was involved in a multi-vehicle accident as a passenger and sustained some long term injuries due to the impact and her age. Attorney Conway has allowed me and other family members to ask questions, give input, and be involved in decisions. His communication is clear, as well as his actions. He is sensitive and well-practiced and controls the process and challenges carefully and artfully while not wasting time. You would be under excellent care in the service of Attorney Conway.”

— Son of a former client

“Ryan is incredibly effective at negotiating all types of business transactions.  He communicates in a clear and concise manner, and knows exactly how to get his client’s message delivered.  As a small business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to remove your ‘personality’ from a negotiation or settlement—in these situations, there is nobody better than Ryan to get you to your desired goal!”

— Connie K, a former client

“Ryan Donovan brought a unique and balanced approach to my family’s legal needs over the last few years. His experience as a trial lawyer and key negotiator, proved invaluable through several difficult business transactions. In addition, Ryan’s ‘rolodex’ of resources in the legal community has been instrumental in helping me access other top notch legal experts that may not be supported within the Harris, Conway and Donovan firm. When I have a legal issue, Ryan is my first stop.”

— Paul B, a former client

“We’ve trusted Harris, Conway, & Donovan for years to help navigate the complicated framework of alcohol law. Beyond legal advice or litigation, they genuinely care about our company and its well-being in a way that we haven’t encountered with other firms in more than two decades of doing business.”

— Christian G, a former client