Attorney Referrals

If you do not handle personal injury matters or do not want to become involved in complex, personal injury litigation, then consider referring your client to CD&M

CD&M has been the choice of lawyers across New York state when their clients need the representation of experienced and committed litigators. It is the highest compliment when fellow members of the bar choose CD&M for their clients.

CD&M has successfully litigated cases referred from large, state-wide law firms, mid-size regional firms, and many solo practitioners.

Referral fee arrangements will vary with each case depending on work that may have been already completed, the level of involvement that the referring attorney prefers to have going forward, liability issues, potential damages, etc. It is our practice to maintain a clear co-counsel relationship with the referring attorney, which involves delineating the referral arrangement in the retainer agreement. New York state law allows for the sharing of fees with referring counsel as long as the agreement is memorialized in the retainer agreement and the client is fully aware of the co-counsel arrangement.

Upon a referral to our firm, the referring attorneys’ clients are contacted immediately and treated with the highest level of customer service. Each case is handled with the utmost care and attention, thus ensuring that the referring attorney will be praised by their clients for making the introduction to CD&M. Sending a matter to an attorney who does not return calls or give prompt attention to the client can reflect poorly on the attorney who takes on the matter. It will also likely tarnish the relationship between the referring attorney and their client.

CD&M has no intention of otherwise interfering with a client connection that you have developed. Our firm always respects those relationships, and we limit our role to the representation that you have requested.