Alcohol Related Litigation

Our Alcohol Related Litigation Practice has extensive experience advising craft brewers in all aspects of alcohol distribution. We are dedicated to helping breweries navigate the complex world of the beer franchise industry and recognize the power of industry-specific attorneys. We regularly counsel clients on negotiating alcohol distribution agreements. Although we try to avoid it, we have successfully represented craft breweries and ensured that they are not taken advantage of through inadequate alcohol distribution agreements.

Entering into an alcohol distribution agreement is the biggest decision to be made as a brewer. Consulting an attorney is a necessary step to ensure that the agreement you enter into is the right one for your craft brewery. Due to the changing culture of beer making and the rise of craft breweries, the dynamics between the three-tier parties has changed. Therefore, it is imperative for brewers to choose the right distributor, as they will come to define you and become the face of your company. Without experienced and competent attorneys to advocate on your behalf, you are opening your brewery up to the pitfalls of a deficient alcohol distribution agreement. Alcohol distribution agreements are binding, and without legal aid, your once successful brewery could fail.

We represent craft suppliers/breweries nationwide and are familiar with the complex laws of each state. We are highly experienced in:

  • litigating issues of cause for termination
  • rights to new products and brand extensions,
  • obligations of successor brand owners,
  • disapproval of proposed changes of wholesaler ownership,
  • constitutional challenges to the enforcement of individual state franchise laws,
  • other recurring distribution issues.