Dutchess County Judge dismisses auto negligence lawsuit against HC&D client

In the Matter of Smith v. Waterman, et al. (Dutchess County Index Number 7539/2012), Justice James V. Brands of the Supreme Court, County of Dutchess, recently dismissed an automobile liability claim that had been commenced against Lindsey Waterman, an HC&D Client.  Justice Brands, in determining that the facts in the case did not demonstrate any liability by Ms. Waterman, discussed how Ms. Waterman had a green light and traveled within the applicable speed limit at the time of the collision which gave rise to the suit.  The Plaintiff, Ms. Waterman’s passenger, had claimed that Ms. Waterman was liable for a variety of serious injuries that she sustained.  The Plaintiff maintains a claim against the owner of the vehicle that collided with the Waterman vehicle.